By Rosina

All jewelry is handcrafted by Rosina Miller, and most pieces are one of a kind.

She can be found on Instagram @ByRosina and on her Facebook Page

By Rosina…The Caliber Collection. A small insight into why I choose to create this line of jewelry. One day as the men in my life returned from a fun time at the range, my husband was carrying a bucket of bullet casings to clean and reload. On that particular day I was struggling particularly hard with my major depressive disorder as well as my anxiety. I looked into the bucket of blackened dirty brass and was struck with how grimy and undesirable they looked. And for some reason at that very moment I could not look away as I began to cry as they looked like I felt. I picked up a shell and began to rub it between a few fingers; a somewhat nervous habit when my anxiety kicks in. As my fingers became very dirty and somewhat greasy I saw this beautiful shining brass peeking through the grime. I paused and was struck by how this seemed to be a reflection of me and of mental illness in general. The public sees mental illness as this dirty undesirable personality quirk that makes one less than instead of a disease which with proper treatment can reveal a shiny bright beautiful interior. I began thinking of how a bullet can be something that can be very dangerous and deadly, but also useful and beautiful aesthetically. So thoughts of how many people have lost their lives due to mental illness began swirling in my head. And in contrast how those who have found their wellness can make life beautiful despite their diagnosis. I began cleaning as much brass as my husband could get me. I began contemplating how I could make a statement with these pieces of brass. Being an artist an idea came to me quickly. I decided to make jewelry adorned with rhinestones, crystals, and other fun elements. The design is very important because people are drawn to beautiful things, and I wanted a way to start the conversation. I have begun with earrings and necklace charms, but plan to expand the line soon. There is also another element in my drive and vision. I wanted to help raise funds for organizations that work and advocate to help those with mental illness. These organizations are instrumental in helping individuals and families with treatment and support. So long story not so short…I wanted a conversation starter…an opportunity to advocate and show others how stigmas affect how we view things. Thank you for taking time to read my story. — Rosina Miller, By Rosina

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