Citizens of Moorogel

Day 1: Karen!

Day 2: Nikki!

Day 3: Suzzy!

Welcome Suzzy as one of the Citzens of Moorogel she loves long walks on the LEGO beach.

Day 4: Penny!

Welcome Penny to Moorogel. Thank you to GummI3ear for helping pick this name out the hat. Penny is a fan of random adventures and, of course, gummy bears!

Day 5: Erica!

Erica is a justice of the peace in Moorogel; cruising the streets in her fly ride and sharing her love for LEGO throughout the land.

Day 6: Bob the Bull!

Welcome Bob “The Bull” to Moorogel. He is a musician with an amazing back story, but you have to stay tuned for more.

Day 7: Luiz!

We have the time traveling Luiz! He was sent to Moorogel with his team to investigate Karen, who you might remember was the first citizen of Moorogel featured in day 1.

Day 8: Samantha!

Welcome Samantha! We look forward to learning more about you.

Day 9: Chad!

Welcome Chad to Moorogel! He is a fan of the water.

Day 10: Alwin!

Welcome Alwin! We look forward to learning more about you.

Day 11: Darlene!

Welcome Darlene! We look forward to following your adventures.

Day 12: Holly!

Little did we know after the first Lego movie, Emmit, the star of the movie, married this lucky lady, Holly, and moved to Moorogel. Here is his wife, and don’t let the flowers fool you…she has a wild side.

Day 13: Jean!

We would like to welcome one of the Time Cops, Jean. Stay tune for more of his adventures with the rest of the Time Cops.

Day 14: Claude!

Welcome Claude to Moorogel! He is one of the 4 Time Cops looking for Karen.

Day 15: Johnson!

Welcome Johnson to Moorogel! He is one of the 4 Time Cops looking for Karen. Learn more about his tales coming soon.

Day 16: Angelica!

Welcome Angelica! Angelica is one of our dinosaur wranglers…can’t wait to hear more about her!

Day 17: Carlos!

Carlos is our other dinosaur wrangler.  Looking forward to hearing about him and Angelica!

Day 18: Ashlee!

One of the newest citizens of Moorogel, Ashlee, who looks to have a visitor.

Day 19: Jocelyn!

Welcome Jocelyn to Moorogel!
Jocelyn is cruising on the ATV in a hurry.

Day 20: Stella!

Welcome Stella to Moorogel!
She is a go-getter and get-it-done kind of person.

Day 21: Richard!

Welcome Richard to Moorogel! Guess he had an accident…looks like he works for a mining company…we think he got a pickax to the head! Stay tuned to find out why….

Day 22: Roxanne!

Check out Ruthless Roxanne! She’s going to wreak havoc in Moorogel.

Thanks to our contest winner, Kate Brown, for naming her!

Day 23: Ellendy!

We would like to welcome Ellendy to Moorogel! She is the host of Good Morning Moorogel on CCTV in honor of NATIONAL TV TALK SHOW HOST DAY.

Day 24: Cindy!

We would like to welcome Cindy to Moorogel! She is a soccer mom, and she’s the only reason the bakery has pumpkin spice coffee.

Day 25: Asher Topher!

We would like to introduce Asher Topher to Moorogel! He is a justice of the peace and takes his job seriously.

Day 26: Hosah!

We would like to welcome Hosah to Moorogel! He pronounces his name like Jose.

Day 27: Lily Lynne!

Welcome Lily Lynne! Her motto is “DO NO HARM BUT TAKE NO SHIT.”

Day 28: Stanley Alowicious!

Meet Stanley Alowicious! Don’t let his dapper demeanor fool you…he’s got swagger and he’s not afraid to use it…after he finishes his tea at the Moorogel bakery!

Day 29: Mr. Fairbanqs!

Introducing Mr. Fairbanqs! He is a former turnip farmer turned time traveler. He’s a member of the Royal Family, a jack of all trades, and a founding member of Moorogel.

Day 30: Don Manuel!

Say hello to Don Manuel! He’s a badass with a fine ass! DJ by day and time traveler by night. He’s also the King of the Royal Family and a founding member of Moorogel.

Day 31: Claire!

Meet Claire! She is the Queen of the Royal Family, a founding member of Moorogel, and the leader of the Swizzle Sticks. She’s got a thing for Don Manuel.