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Book Bites: The Joy of Missing Out

Since I devour books, I decided to call this series “Book Bites”…little book reports on yummy books!

It took me a couple weeks to finish “The Joy of Missing Out” by Tonya Dalton. While I found nuggets of wisdom in the book, I struggled to get really into it.

Let’s get started. The overview:

Essentially, Dalton is teaching us that productivity is not about doing more but, rather, it’s about doing what’s most important. So many of us feel overwhelmed and exhausted by our to-do lists. In “The Joy of Missing Out,” Dalton reveals how to:

  • identify your own unique priorities and “North Star” (purpose)
  • take ownership of your calendar
  • escape the guilt that comes with saying no
  • find your yes
  • customize your own productivity systems

Basically, without judgement, she helps you figure our what is most important to you and how to focus on those things.

A few quotes I really love:

  • “We can take our experiences and allow them to swallow us whole or we can use them as fuel to drive us.”
  • “Balance sounds nice, but it’s nothing more than a productivity buzzword, an empty promise that leads us to falsely believe we should be able to do everything equally.”
  • “Magic doesn’t happen when life is centered and balanced – it happens when we lean into our priorities.”
  • “You can choose or let others choose for you. The choice is really yours. Not making a choice is a choice. But so many of us have forgotten that we have a choice – it’s a case of learned helplessness.”
  • “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they are finished. The person you are right now is transient, as fleeting and as temporary as all the people you’ve ever been. The one constant in our lives is change.”

Overall, I would recommend this book. Not strongly or highly recommend, but definitely recommend.

You can get a copy here if you’re interested: