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LEGO Friends Rescue Lighthouse Center (41380) Build

Now, we know not everyone loves the LEGO Friends set, but we do! The colors of the bricks are really great. We don’t use the Friends minifigs, but other than that we love the sets. We’ve been picking up the Rescue sets and making an island in Moorogel. It’s really starting to look amazing. This week, we grabbed the LEGO Friends Rescue Lighthouse Center.

We had to build in a temporary location, because our normal build table is covered in the mother load of internet LEGO scores. We’ve been washing an knolling LEGO all week! But, I digress…

Let’s get started. This set has 602 pieces, two instruction books, and five bags of LEGO.

Book 1 is smaller and includes the builds for the little “one off” pieces. The seals in this set are freaking adorable! We are especially in love with the LEGO coral. We’ve never seen it before, and are obsessed and want LOTS more.

The second book has all of the steps for the rescue lighthouse. It was a really fun build with several interesting techniques and lots of cool details.

Overall, we are really happy with this new addition to Moorogel, and we’re looking forward to picking up a couple more of the Rescue sets to fill in the island.

Want to get one for yourself? You can get it on Amazon!