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LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) Build

So. We went to the Syracuse LEGO Store to ONLY do the pick-a-brick wall. We ended up with no pick-a-bricks, and, instead, came home with the Chinese New Year Temple Fair set, the Chinese New Year Lion Dance (80104 ) set, 6 polybags…and the gift-with-purchase Rat. How did this happen? Well, my husband and the LEGO store staff person both mentioned how these sets are usually Asia exclusives, and it’s amazing that they’re available to us…but who knows for how long…? That’s how they got me.

Anyway, I can’t be mad, because WE LOVED THIS BUILD AND THIS SET!

Let’s get started. There are 1,664 pieces and 3 instruction books. There are no stickers. All of the designed pieces are printed. We absolutely loved that as Don Manuel is not a fan of stickers on LEGO bricks. And, there are lots of interesting gold pieces…another favorite of Don Manuel.

The first steps give you two minifigs and this wicked cool cherry tree build.

Next, was this particularly cute snack station. Check out those ridiculously cute little dumplings with faces on them!

I’d like to note here that each kiosk roof uses a different build technique. Each roof is unique, interesting, and diverse.

Kiosk #2 is a little toy and candy stand. The little toys are my favorite!

These first two kiosks get connected with LEGO rope with “lights” and lanterns.

Instruction Book 2 takes us through building the temple. It’s really great…lots of gold pieces, an interesting roof, and great details with interesting pieces.

Gorgeous, right?!

Instruction Book 3 gives us the second cherry tree and two additional kiosks.

Kiosk 3 is a souvenir stand. Lots of mini minifigs! And, one of the bowls has a printed gold stripe on it!

Kiosk 4 is a fireworks stand! The fireworks even “pop!”

The complete build:

We highly recommend picking up this exclusive set while it’s available! It was a really fun build, and the set is gorgeous!