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LEGO Lion Dance (80104) Build

The exclusive LEGO Lion Dance set is another set that we picked up at our “local” LEGO Store a couple weeks ago. It has 882 pieces and one instruction book. It is an absolutely FANTASTIC set…there are no stickers. All the pieces are printed, and they are insanely cool! There are so many gold pieces and unique pieces…I just can’t say enough good things about this set. We are thinking we need to go pick up another one….

First step included one minifig and two red “lions” to build. The lions are awesome and interesting builds! Their mouths open and close, and they have minifig legs for legs! We were unable to figure out why this minifig is holding a head with green hair…

Next up, 4 minifigs, a drum station, and a white lion. Again, the lion build is amazing. The fireworks that the minifig is holding actually “pop!” And, the drummer in the band actually wiggles to “beat” the big drum. Really great!

Time to start building the little lion dance set. This includes a minifig, the stand, and two GOLD LIONS!!! It’s a sturdy stand, and the gold lions are ridiculously cool.

Now for the little temple and a minifig…and FINALLY the rat head minifig!

We don’t know how long this set will be available in the United States, so go get one now!

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