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LEGO Bookshop (10270) Build

Y’all. This LEGO set was MADE FOR MEEEEE!!! I love books. Love them!!! I had been wanting this set since it came out, but limited time exclusive sets kept taking our Lego dollars. Well, one cancelled vacation due to COVID-19, and we have the bookshop! We loved this build. Loved it! It has really cool building techniques, and we loved the color scheme.

First off, it’s an Expert level set with 2,504 pieces, 8 piles of bags and a few extra base plates, 2 instruction booklets, and NO stickers! It builds as two modulars: the bookshop and the townhouse. This set is also a Lego Store exclusive, so you’ll have to get it there or online at

Let’s get started. We love the floor pattern and the bookshelves. We kinda think there should be more shelves and more books in a bookshop.

We LOVE the circular stair technique, and we’ll definitely be stealing it to use in some of our MOCs. Here is the second floor. Don’t miss that grandfather clock!

Moving on the the 3rd floor. It’s a small bedroom. There’s an especially great teal iguana that we might be replacing with a froggy or something so that the iguana can go live on the Moorogel Rescue Island 🙂 And, there you have it…the bookshop!

The second phase of this build is the townhouse. I wanted to love the bookshop best, but the townhouse is really fantastic! First up, the basement and first floor:

Then, the second floor, balcony, and roof!

And we’re done!

Finishing this build and trying to incorporate it into Moorogel caused a bit of reconfiguring, but we love the result. It’s one of the best things about LEGO…you get to continually recreate and imagine!

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LEGO 40th Anniversary Train Set (40370) Build

The LEGO 40th Anniversary Train set was a free gift with a purchase over $99. We have 3. Seriously. The COVID-19 social distancing/self-quarantining caused us to spend our cancelled vacation dollars on LEGO sets to build while we’re at home for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, cancelled Bali vacation aside, this was a cute, fun build! One instruction book, a few stickers (which is disappointing…we were hoping everything was printed), and a few bags. We’re still building in a temporary spot due to the most epic LEGO knolling happening in our regular spot.

This was a quick build as there are only 188 pieces, but there were some interesting techniques which we enjoyed.

So far, cute! Right?

Here’s the finished build!

Wondering where it ended up in Moorogel? In the park! For kids to play on!

What are we doing with the other 2 trains that we got? Glad you asked! One will stay in the box on a shelf 🙂 The other is going in Moorogel Erusa Ert…a big, exciting new project for the citizens of our Lego city! Stay tuned to find out what Erusa Ert is, and watch its progress here on the blog!

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Book Bites: The Testaments

Since I devour books, I decided to call this series “Book Bites”…little book reports on yummy books!

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood is the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale. Now, I LOVED The Handmaid’s Tale. I didn’t love The Testaments quite as much. In fact, if you ask me for a recommendation on whether or not to read this book, I would say no.

I got this book at NY ComicCon in October, and I just finished it this month (March). I’d pick it up, read a few pages, and put it back down. It just didn’t keep my interest, and I felt like I had to slog through it. I kept reading hoping that I would be drawn in at some point, but that didn’t happen.


The book takes place about fifteen years after the events of The Handmaid’s Tale. The icky regime of the Republic of Gilead is still in power, but there are signs it is beginning to rot from within. At this crucial moment, the lives of three radically different women converge to take it down. Two of the women have grown up as part of the first generation to come of age in the new order. The testimonies of these two young women are joined by a third: Aunt Lydia (we know her from The Handmaid’s Tale). 

I thought Aunt Lydia’s accounts were the most interesting parts of the novel. And, I guess that’s about all I have to say about it 🙂

If you’d like to give it a read, you can get a copy here:

Note: We are a part of the Amazon Ambassadors program and may receive a teeny tiny bit of money if you purchase products we have recommended from links on this post

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LEGO Friends Turtle Rescue Mission (41367) Build

New LEGO sets! What more could you ask for in the new year?! Well, if I’m honest, someone could gift me the new LEGO Creator Expert Bookshop, I would be the happiest girl ever! That set was made with me in mind!!! Look at this gorgeousness:

LEGO Bookshop Link

But I digress. The LEGO Friends Turtle Rescue Mission set is totes adorable! Really, it is!

LEGO Turtle Rescue Set

Why is it so adorbs? The goshdarn so freaking cute baby turtles!!!

LEGO Baby Turtles

Let’s get started! Just FYI…we don’t use the Friends figs in Moorogel. We use only LEGO minifigs. The Friends are all chillin in a box somewhere… Oh well.

The first step was a little bottle holder/warmer for our rescued turtles. It’s cute! It doesn’t like to stand up very well on it’s own, so we added it to another piece of the set.

Bottle holder/warmer

Next was a little mini-build where a baby turtle was hatching. The “broken” turtle eggs are cool pieces. This is the piece that we added the bottle holder to. Look at that newborn baby turtle! Awwwww!

Baby Turtle Hatching

On to the rescue boat build. It’s a cool boat! With wheels. Whatever. It comes with stickers for the hood of the boat, but Don Manuel doesn’t like stickers, so we don’t use them very often.

Rescue Boat

Finally, we built the little rescue hut. It’s got enough little details that I was quite satisfied with it.

Rescue Hut Base
Rescue Hut
Rescue Hut

This was a quick and easy build, and it fit right into Moorogel. We kind of made an island out in the ocean for it to reside. Pretty sure we’ll have to get the LEGO Friends Dolphin Rescue and Lighthouse Rescue now too. They would really round out the “island” area.

Complete Build

Want your own LEGO Friends Turtle Rescue Mission set? Get it here:

Note: We are a part of the Amazon Ambassadors program and may receive a teeny tiny bit of money if you purchase products we have recommended from links on this post.